Horse racing is a profitable industry here in Australia. If you’re into this industry, you’re pretty much aware that the starting gates are among the most critical features in the track. It needs to function correctly to ensure a successful event. That’s why you need to choose the best starting gates for horse racing. The best quality gates can make the difference between failure and success, that’s why you should select only the best quality.


What Is A Starting Gate?


For starters, a starting gate refers to a mechanical barrier used to block the participants in a horse race before the beginning of a race. These gates ensure fairness and equality. So if you are tasked to choose the best starting gates, make sure that you’re aware of the best qualities to help you with your selection. Here are some features that you should look for:


Safety Padding


In today’s standards, starting gates for horse racing are required to feature safety padding to ensure that the horses and the jockeys do not get injured by getting stuck on one of the poles or bumping inside their stalls. The best quality should have an impact-absorbing system that doubles the safety and promotes an overall secure space for each player.


An Emergency Exit


Each stall of the starting gate should feature an easy to use-hand release emergency exit at the rear end of the starting gate. It should feature a free design for quick and easy opening in case of an emergency.


A Fully-functional Electric Start


Starting gate for horse racing should also have an operating system that mechanically opens the gate at the start of the race. It needs to be fully interactive and can function immediately at the blow of the gun. That way, your competition will avoid potential delays, and everyone will get equal starting treatment.





Starting gate providers feature mobile starting gates that you can take with you wherever your Derby may be. The best starting gates for horse racing also comes with a wagon-like carrying system that enables your gates to be mobile. With this feature, you will no longer have to assemble and disassemble your starting gates manually.


Always Go For the Best Quality Starting Gates


In every horse race. The quality of the starting gates is still a highlight among spectators and players alike. It’s the primary source for praise or scrutiny. We are selling and renting the best quality starting gate for horse racing. So if you want quality gates for your horse race events, give ours a try, and you’ll never regret your decision.