Are you a sympathetic person? Do you love helping other people? Are you passionate about serving people with disabilities and lead them towards discovering their potential and living their lives with happiness and contentment? Then, a disability course isdefinitely for you.


Application For Disability Support Certification

By completing the disability courses, you will be awarded the Certificate III in Individual Disability Support, a certification that will recognise you as a qualified advocate of disability work. While this field of work may be challenging at most, it is also rewarding to be able to help the least fortunate and provide support to those who have disabilities.


By passing the disability courses, you can become a certified disability support worker for the following environments: individual support, day support, residential, employment, recreational, advocacy, and case management support. By supporting people with different kinds of disabilities, you can develop your career and progress towards opportunities to gain knowledge and skills to move towards a more self-determined and independent lifestyle.


Features & Benefits

The Certificate III for Individual Disability Support features a supervised work placement, where you can put your training to good use in a relevant and meaningful manner. The qualification of disability courses includes the following requirements:


  • 120 Hours of supervised work placement
  • Work inside a facility where you will provide complete coverage and services to people with disabilities.
  • A police clearance.
  • Clearance from your doctor about different types of illnesses.



By applying for certification for individual disability support, you can become a certified disability support worker. You will be granted the green light on assisting other people who are in need of your help. If you finish the entire disability courses outlined in the disability support program, you will acquire different skills that you will use to aid disabled people. These skills would include the following:


  • First Aid
  • Case Management
  • Child Care
  • Psychology
  • Multiple Kinds of Therapy
  • Record Keeping
  • Lesson Planning
  • Knowledge About Autism
  • Mathematics
  • Office Equipment use


Achieve Success By Helping Others

Just because you work to serve others doesn’t mean you won’t reach your success. By helping people with disabilities, you are already achieving a kind of success that is like no other. It can’t be found on any other profession. So if you’re interested in this type of field, apply for a certificate III for Individual Disability Support now. Complete the disability courses and become an official disability worker.