You got home from a busy day, and you just want to sit down and dine at some great food. But you can’t do that yet since you have to prepare for dinner. Because you’re too tired to do so, you microwave the lasagna from yesterday, instead. At this point you realised: you need a meal planner Melbourne.

Melbourne is one of the busy cities in Australia. People are chasing time every day. Because of this, they can hardly prep their meals. That’s why we’ve come to rely on meal planners more than ever. Having a meal plan will guarantee that you have food on your table every time.

Meal Planning is like asking the question “What’s for dinner?” But instead of asking it every night, you will only ask once for the entire week. Planning your meals mean dedicate a day for shopping and preparing the ingredients and food you’re going to cook for a particular period and laying it out for each day of the week. It’s an effective strategy that saves time and gives us food on time.

If you’re new to meal planning, here are three tips that will prove useful for you:

1.) Plan your recipes on Friday

You’ve just reached the last working day of the week – Friday. Tomorrow’s Saturday, which means you won’t have work. Now is the perfect moment to start prepping your meal plan for next week. So get a notepad, sit down, and start selecting your recipes via online or your recipe book. It’s essential that you choose recipes based on your needs.

For example, Monday should be comfort food; Tuesday demands something quick that you can prepare in a matter of minutes; and Wednesday will be something special, like your favourite dish. By selecting your meals on a Friday, you can free some precious time the next day to buy everything you need and get ready for the next week.

2.) Go Grocery Shopping on Saturday

You might’ve seen this coming. It’s a no-brainer. You made your meal plan on Friday, so there’s no reason for you to waste time the next day and not go shopping for the ingredients. You’ve already listed everything you need on your meal planner Melbourne. So all you have to do now is head to Melbourne’s Big Coles and do your grocery shopping.

3.) Prepare Everything on Sunday

You might have noticed that we covered the entire weekend of meal prep. That’s because we’re too busy during the weekday to even cook our food. So on Sunday afternoon, take one to two hours of your time to chop vegetables, whip up a salad, or marinate the meat in preparation for the week.

Take Advantage of Meal Planning

Meal prepping has now become a necessity in today’s standards. We need to be able to get the right amount of nutrition to seize the day with energy. That’s why we need to invest in meal planning as it is one of the most cost-effective ways to prepare our food and have them ready by the time we’re ready to eat.