We all know that baling twine is more than just a standard wrap for bales. Made of high-quality fibre material, it’s quite a useful cord that can serve different purposes. In this article, Balers Twine – SilageWrap.com.au is going to introduce five of the best things that you can do with baling twine. It will also serve as a help in promoting the production of baling twine.


What’s a Baling Twine?


Before we begin, let’s first define what a baling twine is to get everyone on the same page. By definition, a baling twine is a type of cord used in farming. Its primary use is to bind straw of hay together. It can either be in small or large squares, as well as round bales. At the same time, it can also be used as a rope. Baling twine is made out of durable materials, making it extremely durable for any use.


Every farmer has had their fair share of experiences in dealing with twines, especially on baling. Most of these people are aware of what they can do with it. However, few people are aware that apart from its standard agricultural uses, it is also suitable for other purposes. Here are five of the best alternative functions of baling twines:


Twine For Tomatoes


There are a lot of twine variants out there. If you visit Balers Twine – SilageWrap.com.au, you can get access to a wide range of twines used for various purposes. One of them is the tomato twine. This variant is applicable for large gardens that feature long rows of tomatoes. In small-scale operations, a baling twine also serves as a viable option.





Now let’s start moving slowly away from the agricultural use and into the lesser known unconventional ones. When working on the farm, there will come a time where your belt won’t be enough to hold your trousers up while you work. So why don’t you create your very own suspenders using your baling twine? They ensure that your pants are kept up.




Alternatively, you can also use twine as an effective alternative to your belt. If you have saggy pants, then tying it with a baling twine will instantly solve your problem.


Baling twines have many uses. These three are just one of the vast possibilities. If you want to learn more about what baling twines can do, as well as purchase your very own string, make sure to visit Balers Twine – SilageWrap.com.au to get the best quality products.